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Animation delay
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:25:55 pm »
I only played about 2 hours of the game and maybe it was just a bug but I find these two things annoying for a great user experience:
  • While reloading I can't find how to stop reloading and come back (for example) to melee combat. I tried the "x" for switching to melee mode and sometimes it works, sometimes not. If this is the only option to stop reloading, maybe there should be a more intuitive one, like reclick left or right button which do not switch automatically to melee mode, but just stop reloading.
  • If I start an animation (like right click for aiming) then my controls are "blocked" until the musket is ready to fire. I mean, before you can do a different action (you're still able to do movements actions) you have to wait the animation to end (same for the crouching animation). I think this slows the game and make quick action changes impossible to do.